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上海快3开奖走势图 www.gs87j.cn Spoilt Events is a professional event management service focused on creating corporate entertainment events and corporate team building events for our corporate clients, as well as celebration events such as birthday parties, marriage proposals, bridal showers, bachelor parties, wedding coordination, baby showers and anniversary parties. The level of service provided is tailored to suit your needs, ranging from just the experience to a complete end-to-end event planning service which includes event coordination, vendor management, project plan and event itinerary creation, risk and issue management, venue booking, catering and decorations.

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Team Building

The power of the collective mind and effective teamwork is often referred to as one of the greatest forces in a business environment. Whether you are looking to incentivise, motivate and reward staff, break down barriers, build team development and cohesion, develop leadership, help problem solving and creative thinking or you simply wish to celebrate and share in some fun – harness the unique power of unforgettable experiences to reward employees with truly memorable and amazing events.

Team building Magazine photoshoot
  • Magazine Photoshoot for Scrapbooking
? team building drum jam
  • Drum Jam
? Street Artist Experience
  • Street Art Experience
team building kitchen challenge
  • Kitchen Challenge
? Team building Bounty Sailing Adventure
  • The Bounty Sailing Adventure
? Lights! Camera! Action!
  • Lights! Camera! Action!
Flight Simulation Team Building
  • Flight Simulation Team Building
? Horse Riding Day-out
  • Horse Riding Day-out
? Beer Brewing Challenge
  • Beer Brewing Challenge
Team building game
  • Customized Team Building Event
? ? ? ?

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Corporate Entertainment

Wow your clients by inviting them to a unique event by Spoilt for your next company event. We can provide the full set of event management and tailor an event that specifically caters to your needs from end-to-end or something that compliments your function; whether is it a VIP event, product launch party, business networking event or cocktail party. Our corporate entertainment events ideas are about creating a positive and personal lasting impression that your guests will remember, talk about and always associate with your company.

Food Photography Styling
  • Food Photography Styling
? beer appreciation
  • Beer Appreciation
? corporate entertainment chocolate and wine pairing
  • Chocolate and Wine Pairing
Make Your Own Moss Terrarium
  • Make Your Own Moss Terrarium
? corporate entertainment tea appreciation
  • Tea Appreciation
? corporate entertainment pressed flower workshop
  • Pressed Flower Workshop
Dim Sum Workshop & Afternoon Tea
  • Dim Sum Making and Afternoon Tea
? corporate entertainment launch parties
  • Customized Launch Parties
? Customized corporate entertainment
  • Customized Corporate Entertainment
corporate entertainment tall ship cocktail party
  • Customized Themed Cocktails
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A healthy work-life balance is key for employee engagement. Happy and energetic employees give you higher productivity, improved well-being, lower health care costs and ultimately, a better chance for a truly engaged workforce. By introducing workplace wellness, companies can encourage healthy lifestyles among employees. This is also a chance to show your care and say a big ‘thank you’ to all your employees. Start a wellness programme with Spoilt now!

Wellness Chair Massage in the Office
  • Chair Massage in the Office
? wellness taekwondo training
  • Taekwondo Training with an Olympic Athlete
? wellness chair yoga
  • Chair Yoga
wellness self defense
  • Self Defense Class
? Wellness Tai Chi and Qigong
  • Tai Chi and Qigong Class
? wellness Dance Class
  • Dance Class
Tranditional Chinese Medicine
  • Tranditional Chinese Medical (TCM)
? Holistic Health Consultation
  • Holitic Health Consultation
? ?

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Celebrate life’s happy milestones with your loved ones and friends, why not have a fun and memorable celebration for your next big party? Spoilt’s group experiences can cater for parties of any size and we can also tailor activities to suit your plans for an Engagement Party, Bridal Shower, Bachelor Party, Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Anniversary or even Marriage Proposal!

celebrations marriage proposal
  • Marriage Proposal
? celebrations bridal shower
  • Bridal Shower
? celebrations baby shower
  • 100 Days/ Baby Shower
celebrations kid's birthday party
  • Kids Birthday Party
? celebrations bat mitzvah
  • Bat/ Bar Mitzvah
? celebrations themed parties
  • Themed Parties
celebration party
  • Customized Celebrations

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